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Shadow Empire

The Rise and Fall of Religious Freedom


One man, Constantine, ignited a global movement when he united Christianity with Roman power. Discover how this one action altered the way we think about religious freedom—and what it means for our lives today. Designed for the history buff in your life, and for the people you know who might be interested in Bible prophecy. We’re making it for your friends and neighbors who have this nagging feeling that maybe something went wrong within the religion of Jesus at a time in the distant past.


Shadow Empire is an easy way for your church to connect with your community. The Voice of Prophecy originally designed Shadow Empire to bring people from your community through the doors of your church. However, we believe this content works as well online, and can be a great way to connect with your community before hosting a full message series in the coming months. This project is designed to help fill one of the deepest needs we all have–a deep need to share Jesus and introduce people to our church, in a way that isn’t awkward, or uncomfortable.

Bridge Events Are...

Short-run Events

These two-to-five-night events address a felt need in your community and introduce people to your church without the barriers that are often associated with longer series evangelism.


At SermonView, we design with you in mind. So every one of our bridge events are personalized to meet your unique needs and put your church front and center of your community.


SermonView Bridge Events encourage a lasting spirit of evangelism and growth in your members, as guests to your bridge events are more likely to also attend annual reaping series.


Your community's felt needs are constantly changing with the times, so SermonView Bridge Events change with them. These powerful resources target felt needs in your community, year-round.

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Event/Small Group Kit

This kit provides everything you need to start a small group using the award-winning Shadow Empire series.
In this Small Group Kit, Pastor Shawn Boonstra reveals the continuing rise and fall of religious freedom caused by Constantine's legacy. And footage shot in Italy, Serbia, and Turkey makes history come alive in each program.

This Kit Includes:

The Shadow Empire DVD, featuring all four documentary-style programs by Shawn Boonstra (approx. 30 minutes each):

  • The Rise of the Early Church
  • The Persecution of the Church
  • A Marriage of Church and State
  • Constantine's Christianity

The Small Group Event Manual

(8) Full sets of Bible Study Guides

(1) Copy of the companion book, Shadow Emperor, by Shawn Boonstra

(1) Copy of The Successful Small Groups book by Kurt Johnson

Plus, with your registration, you’ll receive special access to online materials to enhance your online meetings.


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This event can be held in-person or online

While this event was originally designed for an in-person meeting we see a number of churches choosing to stream their events online. We have specific marketing recommendations based on your delivery method.

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Multichannel Online Marketing

Today there are many channels and many ways to reach people online. For online meetings there are specific channels that work best. SermonView will handle all of these channels, give your event separation from your existing.
  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising

    Today Facebook and Instagram combine to the best form of online marketing for time-specific events. We've built an entire page persona that will increase registrations and reduce friction (keeping you from having to perfect your social media brand before you launch a campaign).

  • Twitter Advertising

    Twitter ranks third behind Facebook/Instagram for social media advertising. Adding Twitter will increase your demographic base and be targeted at people wanting information now.

  • Google Ad Campaigns

    Google is good for times when searches are high for biblical keywords. We'll add this service to the largest package so we have time to reach people searching in your community.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools for reaching your community. We'll craft a well designed email and send it to your list of previous interests in our system along with any interests you have as well.

Downloadable Resources

Online Bridge Events include exclusive access to downloadable, ready-to-use resources. Register today to access these downloads.

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