Practicing physician and award-winning author and speaker David DeRose, MD, MPH, will present fascinating and informative ways to enhance your health. His nightly topics range from Brain Health Revolution to Reversing Diabetes and High Blood Pressure naturally.

About the Speaker: Dr. David DeRose, MD, MPH

Dr. David DeRose, a board-certified specialist in both Internal Medicine and Preventative Medicine, helps people break free from dependance on medications when it comes to dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, and prevention of dementia.

Dr. David DeRose founded CompassHealth Consulting, Inc. in 2002, and partners with established instructors, writers, graphic designers, etc. to offer a broad range of health educational services.

30 Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control:

John Bradshaw from It Is Written interviews Dr. DeRose on the internationally syndicated broadcast.

Reversing High Blood Pressure in Thirty Days:

David DeRose, MD, MPH shares insights from his award-winning, best-selling book, "Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control."

Blood Pressure Meds that May be Harmful:

The Wellness Hour’s Randy Alvarez interviews Dr. David DeRose about hidden dangers of high blood pressure medications.


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